Double-Action Revolvers
Double-Action Revolvers
Caliber Unknown
Magazine capacity 6 Round Cylinder
Country of Origin Rome, Italy
Fire type(s) Semi-Automatic
User(s) Gabriel Van Helsing

The Double-Action Revolvers are the custom made standard issued armaments of Gabriel Van Helsing. They were created by the secret order in Rome to combat the various monsters Van Helsing encounters.

Van Helsing (2004)Edit

The first ranged weapons seen in Van Helsing's arsenal, he utilized these against Mr. Hyde while in Paris. He used it prior to hit Hyde through his bicep back in London. Later on when he was about to be disarmed by the villagers, Gabriel took hold of both in case they tried anything, but didn't whip them out.

Later on, The Wolfman was at the mansion and Van Helsing was about to shoot him, but he escaped before a shot could be fired. Carl tossed the monster hunter silver rounds which he used to hunt Velkan. After falling into cave under the windmill, Gabriel took up one of his guns to shoot Frankenstein's Monster, managed to get a shot off, but totally missed him. While he was combating Dracula's Brides trying to capture the monster, he also came face to face with Velkan and used the guns to shoot the werewolf with silver bullets.

Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

At the start of the video game adaptation for the movie, Gabriel is already issued these weapons alongside his Tojo Blades and can gain a more powerful ammunition later on for them.


The revolvers are infact custom made, based on several unique cylinder handguns. It resembles the Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver chambered in the .455 Webley. It's also assume that the gun is in fact a Taurus Model 85 double-action revolver under a plastic casing.

Aside from resemblance, the revolver can fire various different ammunitions including standard and even silver. It loads in a way similar to the American Colt Single-Action Army by a small hatch on the left side of the gun.