Repeater Crossbow
Repeater Crossbow
Caliber Arrow
Magazine capacity Drum
Manufacturer(s) Carl
Country of Origin Rome, Italy
Fire type(s)
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Full Automatic
  • User(s) Gabriel Van Helsing

    The Repeater Crossbow is a select-fire crossbow designed and developed by the friar Carl while in Rome. It was the weapon utilized by Gabriel Van Helsing during his mission in Transylvania.

    Van Helsing (2004)Edit

    After Van Helsing returned from his failed mission to capture Mr. Hyde in Paris, he arrives in the Vatican's armory where he is given several weapons and equipment including Carl's prototype repeater crossbow. Upon his arrival in Transylvania, he takes the weapon out to combat Dracula's Brides. He manages to kill Marishka with it after dipping the weapon in holy water.

    Later on, he is seen with the weapon in hand as he drives the decoy carriage, but loses it after Verona attacks him.

    Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

    In the 2004 videogame adaptation of the movie, Van Helsing finds the Crossbow in Transylvania after having taken on Dracula's brides in the nearby church. He can later obtain an explosive arrow head to deal more damage to his enemies.


    The repeater crossbow is designed to be select-fire as well as magazine fed. The ammunition is usually that of a metal arrow housed in a cylindrical drum of unknown rounds. It features a small gas tank placed in a skeletal stock and features flip up sights. The bow on the weapon is easily collapsible for easier concealment and can be deployed at will. The gold trigger guard acts as the weapon's magazine release.