Tojo Blades
Tojo Blades
Weapon type
  • Bladed Weapons
  • Throwing Weapons
  • User(s) Gabriel Van Helsing

    The Tojo Blades are the close to moderate range bladed weapons used by Gabriel Van Helsing. They were designed by the secret order of the Vatican in Rome to aid him in his combat against evil.

    Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004)Edit

    Van Helsing (2004)Edit

    Gabriel was lightly armed in the first part of the film, carrying his Double-Action Revolvers, a Grapple Gun and the Tojo Blades. He didn't reveal these until Mr. Hyde was charging him and he used these to cut the big brute's abdomen. When Hyde had him under the bell, Gabriel sawed a hole into the floor, creating the illusion that he escaped through the floor, but in reality hid in the top of the bell until Hyde lifted it. Grabbing his hat, Gabriel sawed off the giant's arm and got clear of him.

    One blade is seen later on when Gabriel escapes Castle Frankenstein after confronting Count Dracula. When confronting Igor at Castle Dracula, he sent one of his blades flying at the hunchback, pinning him to the wall.

    Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

    In the 2004 game adaptation of the movie, Gabriel is already armed with these and his revolvers. These blades are 1 of 2 different kinds of melee weapons used in the game, the other being the Scimitars. Like all the other weapons, the blades can use a powerful melee attack upgrade.


    The Tojo Blades are easily concealable saw-like weapons with a side mounted grip. The blades on the weapon are easily concealable and can be deployed at will. They are powered by a pump trigger on the grip, activated by the user's hand. Once they are moving, they can cut through an array of materials far better than a knife or a sword. The weapon also demonstrates it's ability to be throne only once in the film and it can be used this way for lethal or non-lethal intentions.

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