Werewolves are humans infected with a supernatural venom (called werewolf venom) which forces them to transform into monstrous and powerful human-wolf hybrids during a full moon. But once the curse fully consumes them they become werewolves forever (according to the video game).

Appearance and behaviorEdit


Artwork of the three werewolves seen in Van Helsing.

Transformed, a werewolf resembles a humanoid wolf-like creature with razor-sharp claws in place of fingernails, large canine teeth, a wolf-like head, and a toned, muscular build. Werewolves stand at around 7ft tall, varying based on the size of their human form, and are covered in fur from head to toe, though there may be bald patches on some werewolves. One's exact build also seems to vary based on human form; while a human with an average build produces a muscular-by-human-standards werewolf, an exceptionally well-built human will produce a werewolf resembling a bodybuilder, as seen with Gabriel, who was so muscular as a human, his wolf form had a six-pack that was visible through his fur.

While they may act like normal humans while untransformed, upon full transformation, they lose the ability to reason and tend to display berserk and destructive characteristics, attacking everyone indiscriminately, even if they were a loved one. Werewolves can become subject to the will of a vampire however, in which case, the werewolf will do the vampire's bidding without question. However, exceptionally strong-willed werewolves may be able to resist the vampire's enthralling, and may even be able to influence their wolf form to a degree, if not seize control completely.

Known WerewolvesEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Werewolf Claws Animated

Van Helsing shows off his werewolf claws.

  • Claws - While transformed, werewolves have razor-sharp claws on their forepaws.
  • Superhuman Strength - Werewolves experience a dramatic increase in physical strength; able to bend thick iron bars in their bare hands and easily lift heavy objects that mortal men cannot.
  • Superhuman Speed - Werewolves are as swift as wolves.
  • Superhuman Durability - Werewolves are highly resistant to electric shock and have a high tolerance for physical pain.
  • Superhuman Agility - Werewolves are lithe and can jump several meters in the air in a single bound.
  • Werewolf Venom - Their fangs produce a venom which can turn humans into werewolves and can also kill Dracula.


Velkan Transform

Velkan transforming into werewolf form.

When the full moon is visible in the night sky, a werewolf will involuntarily transform into their wolf form. This process is extremely gruesome and painful, as the werewolf's bones realign into a more lupine skeleton as their muscles bulge and spasm, while the human skin is shed, revealing the werewolf fur underneath. It's possible that the spasms are to help with the shedding.

The werewolf remains transformed for as long as the moon is visible. Once the moon sets or is covered, the transformation reverses; the werewolf's skin is shed revealing raw muscle, as human skin rapidly grows over them, while its bones reshape into a human skeleton, with the muscles repeatedly bulging and shrinking until they reach a human size. The reversion appears to be more painful than the transformation, as the werewolf, which can shrug off most things in wolf form, clearly expresses agony.

It's possible that the bulk of the agony is caused by resistance to the change as it was only demonstrated fully on Velkan. When Gabriel transformed, he had somewhat wanted/needed to, and made it through the process considerably more smoothly and quickly.

According to the video game, if one remains a werewolf for long enough, they will lose the ability to transform, becoming permanently stuck in their werewolf form.


Velkan reverting

Velkan reverting due to lack of visible full moon.

  • Silver - Weapons forged of silver are most effective against a werewolf.
  • Full Moon Deprivation - If the full moon is blocked by clouds, they will revert back to human from until the curse consumes them.
  • Werewolf Cure - Dracula's cure can purify a werewolf's veins of its venom, making them human again. Seems to work only if administered soon before or after the first full moon.